DVD-Audio: Mahler Symphony No. 3 - Utah Symphony

Given the as-yet limited number of 5.1-channel DVD-Audio titles, this series of Mahler symphonies by the Utah Symphony Orchestra under maestro Abravanel is to be commended for their performance and audio quality.  The Third Symphony, under review here, is specially successful in the depth and breadth of its recorded sound -- In "What the Angels tell me" section, the children's chorus envelopes the mezzo-soprano soloist from all around as well as from TOP-TO-BOTTOM with stunning effects, enough to convert a casual hi-fi listener into a hi-res audio enthusiast.  

The hi-res, high-end audio business has seen exponential growth in the past few years because people have finally gotten tired of their convenient but low-quality MP3's and earbuds.  The push for better headphones and speakers, 4K televions, and introduction of 3D surround-sound car audio all contributed to the widespread consumer interest and demand of hi-res audio.  

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