OLED just got cheaper: LG’s new flagship 65-inch Signature G6 available for pre-order for $8,000

CES 2016 News

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anyone who watched the Super Bowl had a good chance of catching LG’s commercial for its latest OLED TV, dubbed the Signature G6. With that media blitz over, the company has announced that the 65-inch model will be available starting next month, with pre-orders starting today, and at a lower price many anticipated.

To put things in perspective: Last year’s EC9700 series, which, though curved, is the most similar to the Signature G6 in terms of release date and pricing strategy, made its debut at $10,000. Given the Signature G6 sports several advancements over its predecessors, many were expecting it to come in at or above that price. Instead, LG shaved $2,000 off, with the 65-inch G6 selling for $8,000.

Full Product Review

Monday, April 4, 2016

Earlier LG OLED televisions have striking designs, but the G6 outdoes them all. The entire flat panel is mounted on a single sheet of glass, which is less than a quarter of an inch thick. There's a rectangular protusion on the back, which houses some of the electronics and connects the panel securely to the base.  The base is a stylish, two-inch-tall near-trapezoid with horizontal metal strips running along the edge. It conceals a 60-watt soundbar designed by Harman Kardon, along with the G6's various connections, including an antenna/cable connection, a combination composite/component video input, an Ethernet port, four HDMI inputs, an optical audio output, an RS232C connector, and three USB ports. As such, it's an integral part of the television itself, and you can't use the screen without the base installed in some way.