Boy who said 'Wow!' after Mozart performance is found — and his story is so moving


The search is over for a young boy who was wowed by a classical music performance at Boston Symphony Hall last Sunday.

Nine-year-old Ronan Mattin was at the concert with his grandfather when he let out a loud “Wow!” following a performance of Mozart’s “Masonic Funeral Music” by the Handel and Haydn Society. The spontaneous moment brought on laughter and cheers from the audience, and even prompted a search for the boy online.

“It was a really, really nice experience for both of us and I think everybody else seemed to get a charge out of his reaction,” his grandfather, Stephen Mattin, told TODAY.

Mattin shared that his grandson, whose family lives in New Hampshire, is on the autism spectrum and is relatively nonverbal.

Photo: Al Mattin

Photo: Al Mattin