Tournedos à la Rossini

Tournedos à la Rossini

Ingredients (for four persons):
Four 150g tournedos of filet steak each 3cm thick
four slices of bread
150g of butter
a glass of Madeira
a spoonful of flour
a glass of stock
1 decilitre of demi-glace sauce
four round shapes of foie gras, floured and sautéed in butter, 
four slices of Norcia truffle cut quite thick, salt and pepper.

Tie the tournedos so that they keep their shape in cooking. Cut the slices of bread to the same size as the tournedos and brown them lightly in a little butter in a pan. Place the tournedos on the butter and cook over a high flame on both sides for about three minutes.

Then add salt and pepper, remove from the pan and place on a warm serving dish or keep them warm in a bain-marie. Blend the last piece of butter with the flour and put the mixture into the sauce; then dilute it with the boiling stock, pour in the Madeira and mix it with the cooking sauce. Add the demi-glace and cook over a low flame, stirring continuously until the sauce thickens.

Place the tournedos on the bread and decorate with round slices of foie gras (which should be slightly smaller than the tournedos and which have been braised in the same pan on a very hot flame for fifteen seconds each side). Cut twelve discs of truffle and place three on each tournedos.

Pour over the sauce, add the rest of the chopped truffles and serve immediately.

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