Simonetta Puccini, the Composer's Last Surviving Kin, Dies

Il Repubblica

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Simonetta Puccini, 89, died on Saturday 16 December in Milan, the only and last nephew of the great composer. This is the announcement of the Foundation that bears his name, underlining the commitment of Simonetta who "dedicated her life with passion and devotion to the memory, protection and enhancement of the image of her grandfather and the places he loved".

The only son of the master, Antonio, had no children by his wife, but he had a daughter, Simonetta, born in 1929 out of wedlock. Simonetta Puccini has been recognized as a legitimate heir and authorized to bring the composer's name only after a long judicial battle. In 1996 it had become owner of the current Villa Museo Puccini, located in Torre del Lago, a fraction of Viareggio (province of Lucca), on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli.